Tuesday, October 31, 2006

How much quilting am I going to get done?

I get so inspired to make new things but realisticly, do I have enough time to do it all? I want to try Judy's Hour Quilting project, but that would mean that I have to go out and buy more fabric. Do I want to spend a lot of money again? I need to do one Prayer Quilt by next Wednesday and that could get done right away, but I still have to think about Christmas presents and I had in my mind some name quilts for Leiya, Takumi and any other kids involved (lots). Of course I haven't even figured out how to do that so who knows if that project will ever get under way. I need to finish Tetsu's sweater but the Prayer Quilt looms first. Then there is the fabric I found on the website that I think I have to have but of course have no place to use it. Just like it. More money to spend that I don't have... Oh my gosh! I forgot the Autumn Quilt that I will have basted next week so it will be ready for quilting! That will take months to do even if I put full time work into it! What's a girl to do?

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