Friday, November 24, 2006

Friends and Prayers

Well, my plan for yesterday was sidetracked by a visit to Narumi-san. That should be expected. We always talk a lot longer than I expect to. With Kamiyama-san there too of course the chatting time is tripled! I went to pray with them but ended up spending two hours chatting. Not necessarily bad... We discuss the problems of the world, our faith, Narumi-san's illness, friends and family that we want to come to know Jesus, etc. but as I say, it makes for a long time of fellowship. Narumi-san is expecting more tests, but her cancer has returned in her lymph glands. Some question about her ovaries too so our prayers were focused and emotional again.

I had given up on getting anything done on my projects, but decided I could put in at least 15 minutes (Yeah Flylady thinking!) Actually I must have sewed for nearly an hour and got the borders on Caleb's name quilt. I had quite a problem with deciding and making a fish for his block and I don't know if anyone else but me can see the fish, but it is there. None of these things are finished of course. I still have to figure out how they are going to be quilted. By hand? On machine? Anyway, today's goal is to "finish" Noah's and then I'll worry about quilting.

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