Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Dear me... I worked on another name quilt for one of the Dennis kids but I don't think I chose the colors very well. So far I'm not doing very well. One half done for Leiya that has no zing and I don't know what it is. One up on the board for Takumi that is in the same colors as Leiya's so I know where that is going but it won't be interesting. One for Elijah in orange which I thought was great until I combined with black lettering and that made it Halloween and they HATE Halloween. I tried to remedy that with a few random stripes of red but now you can hardly read the name and I realize I should have used a lighter color for the lettering. I don't have enough of either fabric for making a background so I'm stuck again. Do I really want to continue with the other boys' and then Keion's kids? I had such big plans but I've become bogged down and don't know if I should continue or give it up as an interesting learning experience....

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