Thursday, November 09, 2006

Knitting and Quilting

I'm in a hurry as usual so this will be short. We got Narumi-san's quilt tied yesterday with many prayers and a few tears. About 6 of us all together. There is a good reception to the idea or prayer quilts and Mrs. Kamiyama wants to make one for her mother too. When projects are out of my hands I wonder if they are really being prayed over and people are following the ministry's "guidelines" but it is in God's hands not mine and any type of prayer and thinking of the recipient can only be good so I'll stop wondering about it.

Yarn for Leiya's muffler came last night and I started knitting right away. It is beautiful but maybe not colorful enough. I may take it out and see if I can find a skein in a red color ot combine with what I have. I think I saw this brand at Hamaya though it is probably much more expensive. Ah well. Of course if I buy 4 more skeins to go with the 4 skeins I've already bought then this might become expensive...

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