Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Unbelieveable! Yestereday evening I didn't have anything to do! (In the way of handwork.) I finished sewing the batting for my Autumn Blossom; I put together the backing (which was a little too small so I had to add another panel (thank you Lord that I had used the same backing earlier this year on another quilt and had enough left over to piece for this quilt's backing). I didn't have the elastic thread for Tetsu's sweater ribbing (will buy that today) so I couldn't do more on the sweater, and the yarn I've ordered for Leiya's muffler hasn't come yet. So...... I started drawing piecing lines for another feathered star block though that is officially on hold since I have so many other things running through my head (and Furui-san hasn't even started hers.) Oh and the letters quilt I want to do with Tonya's (blogger) tutorial needs to be done on the sewing machine so I haven't started thinking about that yet.

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