Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Ok. I quilted for most of the morning and some of the afternoon. I'm still working on the name quilts and I'm following the advice of Tonya who does the wonky quilts and do the work for FUN not so that it's perfect. I didn't draw quilt lines, I don't use a hoop. I just randomly do the fans over any inch of fabric that I come to and it's working out better than I thought. I debated about skipping a lunch date with friends and just continue quilting all day but I decided that would be anti-social so I took my quilting to the restaurant and it was a good thing I did. The rest of the group (they came together) was 40 minutes late! I got a lot of quilting done just waiting for them! Here are a couple of pictures though they don't look much more different from when they were in the flimsy stage. Oops. Caleb's is done too but I guess I forgot to take a picture of it. Maybe tomorrow.

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