Sunday, November 12, 2006

Saturday afternoon

Spent the whole day knitting and doing patchwork! My kind of day! It was rainy and cold with a little thunder in lightning so I brought Choco in and she spent the whole day inside too. Worked all day on the muffler which is very nice. Decided it needed the extra length so I started on the second skeins. Guess I continue until I use up all my yarn.

Patchwork was a dilemma. Did I really want to go upstairs to the cold room and fiddle around on the sewing machine? I wanted to try making patchwork words with Tonya's tutorial but had no idea if I was just going to ruin perfectly good fabric. Actually it came out better than I expected though my color choice could have been better...
Now that I can do it, what do I want to say?

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