Saturday, November 11, 2006

Scarf for Leiya

Had a successful day of knitting. First I went to Hamaya to check out Noro Kureyon yarn there. I decided that though I liked the yarn that I bought through internet, the colors didn't go together as well as I'd hoped and so I wanted a different colorscheme. Hamaya has the yarn so I checked out the colors and found some I liked. I bought 4 skeins again and though Hamaya's price is 100 yen more than the internet, with the shipping etc, the internet price came out more... Anyway, I bought the yarn and then tore out what I'd already knitted the night before. I was over at Ochiai-san's house yesterday and I knitted while we talked. Did some knitting after I got home and this is the result. Pretty nice huh? I'll probably need to knit two more skeins of this since I'm getting to the end of thr skeins and it's not long enough. I knitted in the "mistake ribbing" and widened the stitch count from 23 to 29. I hope Leiya will be pleased.

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