Friday, December 01, 2006

The end in sight

Let's see, what do I have to say? Not much. I was running around madly most of yesterday and probably only got 10 minutes consecutive done on my name quilts. Too bad! I had wanted them finished by November 30 and here in Japan it is already December 1st! Two more to go and they only take about 20 minutes a piece to get the bindings on so I can see the end. Noah's is great. in bright colors and very easy to read. Caleb's is bright but the pattern in the name makes it a little difficult. Elijah's is too light and you really have to "read" it. Oh well... I guess I've learned something. Leiya's is too dark and not at all colorful. I wonder if I can put a lighter binding on it. That may clash though so I'll have to think about that after I post this. Anyway, for all the reasons above I don't have a picture. But never fear! I plan to finish all of them today and take a joint picture today!

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