Friday, December 29, 2006


I think we're going to have to rename Choco to "Houdini". After yesterday morning's chase I put her in the kennel and then went to Kanseki to buy a HARNESS. I figured that would keep her at home. I was surprised to see how tight the harness was on her and even contemplated buying a larger one. Tight or not, I put it on her and went about my afternoon. An hour or so later she is dragging the harness around and she is only attached by the chain collar that I'd also connected her lead to. "How did you get out of the harness?!" I put it on her again and a few minutes later I found she had gotten one leg free. I tightened the harness even more and felt sorry for her.

This morning I was explaining the escapades to Tetsu and after our walk put her back in the harness plus the chain collar and we went in to breakfast. When Tetsu was leaving for work.... NO CHOCO!! She'd slipped her harness again and this time had gotten out of the choke chain collar too. Off Tetsu and I went looking for her, he in the car, me running through the forest again. He found her first and tricked her into getting into the car. From there, back she went into the kennel. A little later I took her to Yabe-sensei feeling very foolish. Why ask a vet what you can do about a dog that escapes from its collar and harness? Not much advice he could give me except to build her a fenced in enclosure. She's in the house for now...

I spent about an hour on the Star of David quilt and got most of the star done and some of the log cabin diamonds. I will try to work on it an hour a day and see how much I can do. Besides the fact that I get mixed up on what colors I planned to use where, it is going pretty well.

And here is a picture of the bag that Marlene gave me this summer with all our pictures in it.

Tomorrow I will sit down and think about my goals for next year.

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