Thursday, December 21, 2006

More Decorations

Christmas decoration making has been going well, but I don't have any more pictures since basically the little hearts all turn out the same. But the kids have been doing a great job of sewing sequins and beads and generally making their hear unique. As a surprise, I offered two ladies classes the choice of studying or making the ornament and they chose the ornament! So... I gave them free rein and they all sewed to their hearts' content. Yesterday I had to cut more felt because I hadn't expected the ladies to be so enthusiastic. Tomorrow I have 8 kids to provide materials for and then I think I am done with Christmas decoration making this year.
As for myself. I'm trying to make leg warmers. The yarn is leftover stuff that isn't a bit interesting. I could have been more inspiring and bought myself some fun yarn but I need to use this up anyway and who knows if the things are going to be wearable. Anyway, no pictures of that project just because it is boring. Maybe if and when I finish.

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