Wednesday, December 13, 2006

No needle

What do I have to say today? Not too much. I couldn't find my darning needle yesterday so I never finished the edge to the muffler. That is only a 5 minute conclusion to that project but no needle anywhere. I never got to the name quilt either though I've been carrying it around for the past few days.

I spent the evening "helping" Takumi with an essay question by chat and computer but I doubt that I gave him any ideas. We got to the point that we weren't even sure what the question meant. It seems he had written it down from some friend but it seemed like a strange question to me and suggested that the real question might be... That threw him for a loop and we never did figure it out.

Off to the kindergarten today for a last (hopefully) rehersal for the Christmas program on Saturday.

The cats are still playing with my pin cushions. I found two needles on the floor this morning. Maybe that's why my darning needle is missing. It might have gotten taken on one of their play times.

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