Friday, December 08, 2006

Sewing again

Ok. I'm back. I had a terrible week and have had trouble getting back to normal. The major difficulty has been resolved and I guess I'd better not even mention the cause. Surfice to say I didn't do any hand work at all and wasn't even here for a lot of the time!

Yesterday I got back to the sewing machine and started another prayer quilt, this time in green. I wasn't working very fast so I only got a quarter of it done. I'll try to finish up today. I haven't worked on Takumi's name quilt or the muffler. I haven't got any pictures. I have a hundred things to do today, one of which is clean the car and rid it of dog fur. That will take a couple of hours I'm sure so who knows if I'll ever get back to my sewing chair...

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