Saturday, December 23, 2006

Who would've thought it!

What a surprise last night to find that my two jr. high third year boys wanted to try their hand at sewing! I had put away all the decoration materials that I had used the two classes before (interestingly, the 4th grade girls found the project very boring and narry a peep out of all four of them practically the whole hour) and when the boys came I hesitantly asked if they wanted to go ahead with regular English study or if they wanted to sew. They opted for sewing so out came the materials again and did they go to town! Much more creative than any of my other classes and they really seemed to have a good time! Not too many mishaps (it took a couple of tries before they got the hang of holding onto the thread as well as the needle) and they seemed quite proud of themselves. "Maybe I'll hang this from my book bag. No one will believe I made it myself." Felt good about the evening and while they sewed I read them a book we had been reading together and did the translation myself instead of asking them to do it. Well, sort of an English evening. I gave sewing instructions in English.

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