Saturday, January 06, 2007

Another prayer and square quilt

I spent most of the day yesterday up in the sewing room (it is a mess again) and sewed up the tubes I had made the day before for the prayer quilt. I thought about leaving it in the flimsy stage but what the heck, I got it into a three layer sandwich. I had barely enough backing for it and I even started cutting up a long dress to use but there wasn't enough of that fabric. The batting too, barely was enough. For the Prayer and Square quilts, the batting I have is exactly the right size which means that it gives absolutely no leeway for warping or pulling. I struggled with it and went ahead and put on the binding too so now if I just put the ties on this morning then it will be ready if needed at church tomorrow. Hmm, the blogger won't let me upload the picture. I've heard of this happening to other bloggers but it's the first time for me. Try again tomorrow.

Often when I am on the sewing machine, I like to listen to gospel music but recently I just like to sew with my thoughts and think about the person I'm making it for and praying a little. As my mind wanders then I start praying for other people that pop into my mind. I wonder if I should stick a prayer list up on the wall so I can glance at it as I sew. I'll have to give that some thought. My sewing room could become my praying room...

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