Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Last day of vacation

Well, I don't think I have much to tell anyone today. What did I do yesterday? I cleaned and did a couple errands in the neighborhood in the morning. I finally sat down to some piecing in the afternoon but decided that it wasn't a priority so went back and did a block of quilting. I thought I'd take advantage of the last day of vacation so I started the word quilt, at least one word to see if it would go anywhere, but I guess I started too small or too narrow or something because my first word doesn't look like a word and I may tear it apart or start over or give up the idea completely. In the early evening went back to the feathered star block piecing but that is still in parts so nothing to show for the day. I guess I did get a letter written to Leiya though so that should have made her happy.

Here's a picture of my lovely dog who will only be good when she wants to be. Doesn't she look sweet and innocent. You'd never believe she has me yelling and yanking at her to "stay" or "sit" or "be quiet" or "come back" etc. etc.

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