Monday, January 29, 2007


Yesterday I spent the afternoon making chocolate chip muffins from the recipe on the Be*Mused blog. The reason it took me all afternoon to make them is because my trusty oven (which I've had about 25 years) only bakes 6 muffins at a time! (I made 21 muffins) Let Tetsu sample one and then took the rest with me to the evening Praise and Worship hour at church. I'm always a big hit with my baking no matter how things turn out since most Japanese women don't have an oven to begin with so they are unfamiliar with homemade cookies, cakes and pies. The ones who do have an oven are nearly professional and those women will even package up cookies in individual cellophane bags with stickers etc to make them look store bought. Well my slightly burned, multi-shaped cookies and muffins will never win any prizes but they are better than nothing!

I made another word for my word quilt. I sort of have to figure out how many letters I can get from one fat quarter of fabric so since my last word was long, this one had to be short. Also got a lot of quilting done yesterday so it was a profitable day.

Can somebody tell me how to input pictures in the middle of my post? They always come out on the top no matter where I think I am putting them. Ah well. I may always be a novice blogger....

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anne bebbington said...

It took me a while to work this out but the way I do it it to put all the pictures into the blog before I start writing so they're all sitting at the top - then once I've finished all my writing I click the picture I want so it gets little squares at the corners and then click and drag it to where I want it in the text - repeat as necessary with each photo - good luck, hope my instructions are clear enough to follow