Sunday, January 28, 2007

My first comment!


My first comment on the blog! Thanks Anne!

I made a comment on her blog about the Star and Heart quilt and wondered if I needed permission to copy it. I decided if I was looking into other people's blogs it was hardly fair to post a question and leave the person in the dark about who I am. Sooo... I switched to full permission to see this blog. Up until now it has only been Leiya, Takumi, Noriko-san and Ochiai-san.

Now I wonder how much I need to get permission to post pictures of people. Most of the blogs that I look at don't have too many pictures of people, maybe a few family members. I guess I just ask...

And now I really feel the incentive to get more handwork done and show that I really am a quilter! Well, today I have nothing more than a picture of the bazaar quilt from two years ago. (Last year's I already posted). I hope this year's will go as well. Looking forward to Thursday quilting day and telling people I've made contact with the original creator!

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anne bebbington said...

Love this quilt Tanya - peach colourways aren't usually one that I'd go for but this is lovely and the quilting is exquisite