Monday, January 15, 2007

New Fabric!

I didn't get much done today since it was Sunday. Went to church. Then went to Obaachan's house but she was depressed and had lots to complain about. That put Tetsu in a bad mood too so for the rest of the day he was grumpy. I decided not to waste my time tiptoeing around him and instead went to the library. Late in the evening when he had a meeting I got a minute amount of quilting done.

BUT, I did get my package from Thousands of Bolts with my 6 yards of fabric. Yeah! The light pink will be used for backing. The dark, flowered pink maybe for the word quilt (if I ever figure out what I'm going to do) and the orangish fabric of which there is 3 yards will be for a bigger quilt. I had Judy's gratitude quilt in mind but I might change my mind again.

And last, here is as far as I've gone on my word quilt. It is just laying on the background as of yet. Not sewn together as a phrase. Don't you think the black words are too striking? Especially if I want to put it together with pastel flower panels. Hmm... More thought needed.

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