Sunday, January 07, 2007

Nothing to do?!

Yesterday I hurridly put in the ties for the quilt for Ai-san and even made a quicky label, then took it over to the church since I was to be there for my cleaning duties anyway. We will tie it and pray over it today at church.

That left me with NOTHING to do! Heaven forbid! I checked my goals. Yep, finished the Prayer and Square quilt for January. Yep, finished the feathered star block for January. Yep, did a quantity of quilting and that isn't really a goal that is reached each month but I figure if a do a little each month then the goal has been met. Yep, finished the Star of David quilt but as yet has to be quilted. I'm pretty sure I should do that by machine but don't know how to go about that yet so the rest of that project is on hold. Those were my January goals so I'm ahead.

I spent about an hour ironing an folding fabric to make more room in my drawers and it got cold upstairs so I came down and started tracing and cutting out more fabric for another Feathered Star block. So I guess I'm already working on my February block. (The reason I couldn't quilt was because two cats were sitting on the Autunm Blossom quilt.)

Another try at posting a picture of the latest Prayer and Square Quilt.

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