Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sewing Saturday

Not too much time here so this may be short.

I spent the morning making soup as I reported. It was delicious and I had a great lunch all by myself. Unfortunately, Tetsu didn't make it home for dinner (he went out with other staff) so I ate soup alone by myself again, and finally we've had it again for breakfast. I guess I'm getting souped out.

After the soup making, I started sewing upstairs again and got two more words done. "happy" and "joyful". Both were short words (as compared to "imaginative") so they were done easily. I think I'd like to try working in some other fabric next. I hope I have enough of one batik to make a word. I only bought fat quarters last year.

In the afternoon I spent the rest of the day quilting and I'm plugging away on that project. Here is a corner of the quilt with my feather pattern going over fabric. This is the first time for me to try this and I'm not sure I like it or not. It might be easier to just put it in the one border and stitch in the ditch in the other. Well, we live and learn.

Also got an e-mail written to Leiya. Dare I show a picture of her here? Maybe a small one?

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