Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Yesterday's piecing

With Tetsu working all day and even staying overnight, I had lots of time yesterday. I cleaned first off (yeah me!). I don't know why I can not get myself to clean when Tetsu is around. Laundry? Pooh! Wash dishes? He can do it! Vacumn? Not on your life! But yesterday I was in a good mode and the house looked good by noon.

On New Year's Day, I noticed my wrist was sore but I couldn't imagine from what. Too much quilting? Maybe. Anyway, I don't want to get tendonitis so yesterday I stayed away from the quilting hoop and worked upstairs on the Star of David. Finished all the log cabin blocks and just have 6 triangle blocks to make and then I can start putting it all together. Going well. I suppose I could have given the color placement more thought but I was determined to use what I had in my drawers. No new fabric!

In the afternoon, I lazed all day and did the cutting and piecing for another feathered star block. This time in a great purple and dark blue paisly. I spent a lot of time watching old videos and by 9:00 at night I had gotten all the little pieces into larger pieces so if I have any time today I might even get that block finished. One block turns out to be a one day project and I wonder why I'm doing this piecing by hand, but this is not a race, it is supposed to be a relaxing, enjoyable time so I won't worry about what I might be doing if I pieced everything by machine.

Noticed on Tazzie Quilts some of her nice machine quilted feathered wreaths and I'd like to try my hand at that and practice some machine quilting if and when I find time. Always something new to do!

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