Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A cat towel

I'm not getting anything done in the way of my February goals! I don't know why I should be so busy all the time. No kids at home. I don't have to go off to work everyday. Tetsu isn't particularly demanding. What am I doing? I don't watch much TV or sit around. (If I were sitting around I'd be getting more patchwork or quilting done!) Oh well, another day has gone by and I haven't sewn anything yet.

I did want to show the cute little towel that Furui-san gave me last week (I forgot to post it). This is a fairly well-known artist in Japan, Makoto Muramatsu, and I think he does only cats. For some reason, I see a lot of his illustrations on towels on handkerchiefs and things. Mrs. Furui isn't particularly a cat lover so when someone gave this to her she immediately thought of me! I love it.


teodo said...

ciao. I found your blog and I like your quilts, ciao ciao from Italy

Luna said...

This towel would please me too.
I know this, I´m always running and busy, but I don´t get this ready I want to get completely.
This Winter I´m kniting on a scarf, but Luna always wanted to help me with the wool. So I hope the Winter is ending soon.