Friday, February 02, 2007

A quick post

I have to teach in about ten minutes so this will be quick. My optimistic estimate of one hour of sewing was off by two hours but anyway I finished up making the star points for all of the star blocks. I'll have to get them to Furui-san so that we can put them all together with the center and corner blocks. I also quickly did the heart applique and I guess it is acceptable. Furui-san is already threatening to leave the applique to someone else! The applique didn't take long so maybe the blocks will get done this month!

I thought up two more goals I need to post. I need to get the Star of David quilt machine pieced and I promised Yano-san I'd do something with her mother's kimono material so I'll have to think about that too. Busy, busy! What fun!

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anne bebbington said...

The heart applique looks great - you've actually made it harder for yourself by curving inwards down to the bottom point and having such a deep sharp inner 'v' at the top - so even more marks out of ten for coping with those added complications - love the fruit fabric you've appliqued on - is it cherries?