Friday, February 16, 2007

A surprise present!

Wow! While I was diddling away at the computer look what my neighbor brought me! I don't even know his name! In honor of Girl's Day which is coming up, he brought me this nice little Japanese Emperor and Empress doll object.... of his own making! He said he makes the dolls of clay and then paints them himself. So cute! I have put them in the entry way for everyone to see when they come in! What a nice gift! What a nice man!

I often greet my neighbor when he is out walking his dog (Yuzu-chan... Why do I know the dog's name but not the neighbor's?) or when I'm out walking Choco. He must be over 60 and I think he lives with his sister. He's sort of a countryish looking guy and usually is wearing a knit cap, even in the summer. He asks me about America and English and things like that but seems sort of shy.

Thank you Mr. Neighbor!


teodo said...

Your neighbour is much kind, but perhaps also you are kind! This present is nice. ciao ciao

Luna said...

This is a really nice neighbour and a nice present. You can ask one other neighbour for his name !?!