Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Busy, busy, busy

Another busy day and my fingers are itching to get to my Autumn Blossom Quilt but not yet. Lemi helped me yesterday as I tried to figure out what binding I was going to put on it (ended up not putting any on it) so even though I wasn't going to take a picture until it was done I've taken one anyway. It probably looks nicer with a cat sitting on it.

And since that isn't finished I'll take a picture of the quilt I have hanging in my living room this month. It is a Bible Quilt, actually a New Testament Quilt and I think I've made at least of three of these, the first of these maybe 20 years ago. A missionary friend went to a conference in Tokyo and came across a lady named Sandra Shigeno, who had made a Bible quilt and taught a year long class of Bible and patchwork. My friend brought back the information and I contacted Sandra and she sent me the patterns and outlines for her class. I made one quilt for my mother and then another for a friend. Finally made one for myself (this one) and then there was a joint effort for another friend. I can think of two or three people who made the same quilt for themselves and then for their friends and a couple years ago I taught a small class of four ladies and they all made the same quilt. The blocks go from left to right and around: The Star of Bethlehem. The Holy Spirit descending as a dove. The Grape Basket. The Palm Tree Branches. The Crown of Thorns. The Cross and the Crown. The Resurrection. The World Without End. In the center I've crosstitched one of my favorite Bible verses. The quilt has faded some since it was first made but it is still one of my favorites. Here is a picture of the ladies who made the same quilt (their block placements are a little different.)


Conni Lu said...

I love the quilts. I hope to someday make a bible quilt of some type. THe Autumn Blossom Quilt is beautiful, I love the colors and your quilting is so well done!

QM Judy said...

Is there anywhere to obtain this pattern? I would love to have a pattern or a clearer picture of the butterfly and the dove.
Judy - Austin, Tx