Saturday, February 10, 2007

Cats AND Dogs

Ok. While I'm talking about cats, I might as well show you a quilt I made years ago of just cats. (See I can't just blame my friends for my cat collection) I think I found these pattens in the 501 Quilt Blocks book and I had to try my hand. Although I'm not too thrilled with my choice of fabrics for the lattice and border, I still love all the kitties.

Then I decided I needed to make something for the vet we had been going to since he was moving to another city. So I pulled out the book again and made up a small quilt of dogs and cats. I actually think that dog in the right hand lower corner was a creation of my own! Our dog looked very similar and I had a few trials and errors before I got this block right. I think if you look at the cross squares in the lattice that you can see I fussy cut dog and cat squares. I rarely do that! Probably if I were going to do this again, I might try to do it paper piecing styles since these were very small pieces. (The mouse in the lower right corner of the cat quilt about killed me!)

Wow, you can really see that the old picture of the dog and cat quilt was taken on the old camera.

As for present progress, I made another word block yesterday. A long~~~ one. Actually, the Japanese word we use for Leiya's tendency to cry is "nakimushi" but that translates as "cry-baby" and that's not too flattering either. I love the pink though it is not actually batik like the rest of the fabrics.


teodo said...

Your cats quilt are very nice. ciao ciao

Luna said...

This cats and dogs quilt is really wonderful. I hope that I can sew a quilt for my cat soon, if I´m ready with my workingplace