Friday, February 09, 2007

Cats, cats, cats

Someone mentioned about their collections so I'm showing mine that came about through no effort of my own. (But maybe that's how most collections come into being.)

I don't know when I became a cat lover. As a child we always had cats and dogs in the home. I think my father was especially fond of animals. At one point we had four big dogs and two cats (and a donkey and a sheep, and no we didn't live on a farm!) So I have always loved animals. Once Tetsu and I bought our own house we acquired a cat from someone who was returning to America. We already had a dog and Tetsu wasn't too keen on having a cat but we took it anyway. The kids of course were overjoyed and when it disappeared a few years later we were all heartbroken. We acquired a kitten and were happy with our one dog, one cat family. But pretty soon another kitten was found, then another, and I couldn't turn them away. Tetsu and I came home carrying a box of kittens (three) one morning but between finding owners for some of the animals we've found, and some just growing old or disappearing (a black cat named Zorro lived up to it's name, escaping after it jumped off the roof in the dead of night) we now have four cats and a dog. My friends know I have a soft spot in my heart for cats (well, I have so many) so they buy me cat trinkets and ornaments. If someone gave me dog things, I'd probably be a dog knick-knack collector too.

In one of my English classes I teach at home, I asked the kids (when we were practicing counting things in English) to count how many cats they could find in the house and just downstairs I think they found 139! That can't be right can it? But just sitting in my chair I can count 64! If people consider me cat crazy I guess I can't argue with them can I?


Simonetta said...

Very beautiful your collection!!!! I also like a lot the cats; -)))) Compliment indeed!

Luna said...

Oh, this is like me. I love cats too. I got many new to my bithday last week.