Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

Wow! I never got a thing done yesterday! Well, that's not true of course. I was too busy to get what I wanted to get done, done. (Which is quilting.) Teaching until 4:00. then off to the dentist, (dentists take forever in Japan. I've gone three times already this month and we're still not finished. And I have nice teeth!!!!!). Back home for more teaching and then by 8:00 I realized I still hadn't "addressed" the Valentine's Day cards for the kindergarten kids today. There are about 100 kids at the kindergarten and each year my mom sends me about 5 boxes of American Valentine's Day kids cards which I give out to the kids. They are nothing things but the kids are happy. Anyway, I needed to get the names on each of them, and get them separated by class so that I can hand them out today. I did that until 9:00 and still hadn't cooked dinner! (I had been forsighted enough to cook the pot of rice, and buy sashimi at the supermarket. Add some vegetables, some pickles given to me by one of my student's grandmothers and some instant miso soup and dinner was on the table by the time Tetsu got home at 9:20!

While I'm still in Valentine's (flavored tea and chocolate crackers for Tetsu, nothing in return since in Japan it is traditionally a girl-gives-boy day.) the rest of Japan has already started on Girls' Day which is March 3rd. Anyway, I brought out my pretty little cherry blossom candle holder and will start Girls' Day decorating tomorrow!

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Leiya said...

れいやだよ~Will Smithの映画見たんだぁ!あの男の子ってW.S.の息子でしょ?可愛らしいわぁノノれいや、日本帰ったらデニーズ行きたい!!あとね、いろいろと考えてたんだけどタニヤさん手作りのナス+ミートソースっぽいやつのミックス料理、何言ってるかわかる??あと、パイナップルとヨーグルトのやつ!!!あと、カレーライス、と、マーボードーフ!!!あぁぁ懐かしい♪♪まぁこの四つは絶対食べなくちゃ!!あと、餃子やさんにも連れて行ってね!!と、益子焼♪♪