Monday, February 19, 2007

Nursery School

Today went to the Yuyu Nursery School where I "teach" English twice a month. I've been coming here for over a year now after first being asked to do a one day class. It is a fun job since I do basically the same thing at Mifumi Kindergarten and I've been teaching there once a week for the past 10 years! Today did finger plays, sang a few songs, read a couple of picture books. The classes are very small so it is fun and I get to know all the kids very quickly. Today I noticed some a Girl's Day craft displayed in one of the classrooms so I took a picture of that too. It appears to be made of half a styrofoam ball covered in tissue paper with yarn glued on top. There were various degrees of completion around the room so it looks like an on-going project this week for the kids.

Thank you Simonetta, Teodo and Anne for send me wishes yesterday! No phone calls today!


Conni Lu said...

Checking in to say hello and hope that things are going well!

Luna said...

Tanya, I hope, your family get well soon.I feel with you ! (butI think, my english words are not enough to say the right words , sorry I have to learn more!)
This is interesting to have a look where you are teaching.
I found my cats Luzie and Frieda on the street.They are used to be outside. Luna knows the leash since she was a baby.

teodo said...

Ciao Tanya Are you better today? I hope.
My seasons are cm 21x cm 29,7. The schetches are of my husband. I tell my idea and then my husband or my son for me, then I do. ciao ciao

Gattina said...

I found your link on Luna's blog and saw that you also like cats. If you like take a look on my cats, I also have four ! They are quite funny. I looked at yours, they are very cute !