Sunday, February 18, 2007

Nurses needed

Well, I woke up this morning. went for a walk in the rain (short) turned on the computer and found an e-mail from my brother telling me my mom had been in the hospital for over a week. Sigh... I wasn't alerted right away because 1) what can I do from this distance? and 2) my sister-in-law was in the hospital at the same time for emergency surgery for kidney stones! My poor family!

Well, I've talked to both Mother and Marcy and though they don't sound particularly chipper, they are plugging away. My mom is 84 so she has to be careful. Marcy usually gets to do all the care of the household and extra "nursing" when the occasion occurs but this time it was left all to my brother! I have a feeling the kids are going to be happy when Marcy gets back in the pink. Who is cooking over there?

This is when living in Japan is a curse and a blessing at the same time. Of course there isn't a thing that I can do so I only sit and worry and say a few prayers. At least if you are in the general vicinity you can show your love by actions, cook a dinner, fetch necessities, say a comforting word, sit by a bedside etc. but I can only say I sympathize with you all when I'm sitting across the Pacific. That is the down side. The blessing or in this case, the cop-out, is that I don't have to know the daily trials and frustrations. I get a report after a week when everyone else has been on the battlefield and say "Wow, I'm praying for you" and I can put down the phone and go about other things until the next phone call.

So to Mom, I hope you will be feeling perkier soon and check out this blog every now and then to get your a little stimulation in your recuperating days.

To Keion, I really feel for you and thank you for all your work at keeping the family running. I know nursing is not your forte and it has never been mine either but you've gotten thrown into it and don't have much choice one way of the other. Thank you and love you lots.

To Marcy, as I've said over and over to you and to anyone who asks about my family, you are our angel. So cheerful, so loving and caring and fun. The greatest blessing to Keion was when you stepped into his life and we could probably say the same for Mother's life and mine too (though where that would put Tetsu and my kids I don't know.) Anyway, thank you, thank you, thank you for putting so much brightness in a sometimes dim situation. Not just this time, but always.


Simonetta said...

Tanya, I understand your difficulty but me I am sure that your mother understands your state of mind and it she knows that your love for it crosses the distance and you are her near :))))

anne bebbington said...

Oh Tanya - I hope your family recover soon - I can equate with your feelings about being too far away to be of practical help - I'm not as far from my family but far enough away to be little practical help - all you can do is send good vibes and pray

teodo said...

Tanya a mother always understand a daughter's love also far away. Don't be sad and you'll see that your family will be better soon. ciao ciao.

Tanya said...

Thank you everyone for your encouraging words!