Sunday, February 04, 2007

Our small church

Yesterday went over to help clean the church, a small endeavor that takes any about 45 minutes. Our church has about 25 regular members and about 10 of us take turns cleaning the church on Saturday mornings. It is an easy job, just vaccumning, dry mopping, wiping down the pews, cleaning the two bathrooms. It is what I imagine the churches of the old days were like. Everyone knows everyone and if someone doesn't come for a couple of Sundays then we'll call or go over and find out why. We take turns cleaning, greeting people at the door, leading a Bible study. The Sunday school consists of 4 children on a good day. We pray that more people will come but we are a happy family as we are. The small stained glass windows were made by a lady who does that craft as a hobby.


anne bebbington said...

Those windows make a good subject for stained glass applique

Simonetta said...

Hello Tanya, very beautiful your blog!!!