Saturday, February 24, 2007


I definitely got sidetracked today. This was not what I had planned to do, but as usual, when a new project appears I can't bear to let it sit. I have to try it out and see if I can do it. Well, this was an easy project and I am pleased with the result.

As reported yesterday, I bought a skein of yarn and got the instructions and couldn't let it alone. I could hardly wait for Tetsu to walk out the door this morning so that I could do this and two hours later, this is the result. Kind of cute don't you think? It reminds me of a chic lei (if there is such a thing) and it drapes so nicely. Will I use it? I don't know. No one would ever consider me chic but anyway I had a good time. It is made of an interesting "yarn"called Maggiore Dalia which is much like a two colored tape. You pull a very small part of the edge through the opposite side of the edge and make loops, then continue making more loops until you have a spiral of "flowers".
Ok. Back to patchwork and quilting!


Gattina said...

You just do wonderful work ! I looked through your blog and at all the beautiful things you have created ! I couldn't do it, I have not patience but I like them in my house lol !
Thanks for your comment on my cat blog !

Luna said...

wonderful work ! you have a patience.
See you!

Conni Lu said...

I know very little about yarn since I don't knit but it looks so interesting. I want to learn to knit!