Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sunday school and another flimsy

Sunday here in Japan, but Tetsu had to go to work so I went to church alone. It is a three day weekend, (let's see... what holiday could it be? ... Ahh, just checked the calendar. It is National Foundation Day... I wonder what that is...) so many of the members were out of town including Kaoru-san, our Sunday School teacher. So... Today I played pinch hitter and taught Sunday School. Well, actually, got out my guitar and sang a song with the kids, then pulled out the craft stuff and made Valentine's Day cards. I suppose it was a fun class. Only four kids so it was pretty easy. Here are our cards.

Then went to the library which was closed so just returned books, then went to KFC for a quick lunch.

Home and a walk with Choco and then went back upstairs to SEW!! I finished putting together another Prayer and Square quilt. Sort of a hodge-podge of colors but it is a ministry about the prayers, not about the quilt so with prayers included, it will be beautiful! Yeah! have finished one of my goals for February. (So far only one finished. Boo!)

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teodo said...

This cards are nice. Good that you play guitar.In Italy
we call your quilt GIRO INTORNO AL MONDO
(Turn around the wordl)and I want to do one because I like it very much.
Excuse my mystakes in the writing but I write in english using dictionary. ciao ciao.