Friday, March 02, 2007

A dog in a cart

Actually this is a picture from last year that I can't even see on my computer because I took it with the cell phone but I tried it here and you can see it! Ok. I'll tell you about Choco our dog.

Choco is the newest member of our family and she's been with us about a year and a half. We had had another dog for about 17 years and then we were without a dog for about two years. Tetsu and I occasionally said that it would be nice to have a dog again but I am against buying animals and said that God would bring the right one to us when He wanted to.

One day I was driving in Utsunomiya and I came upon this dog in the middle of the street looking very confused and very dirty. I usually don't stop for the strays that I come across (I do say a prayer for them) but this dog reminded me of our old dog and I could see it was going to get hit by a car if it stayed in the road so I stopped and called to it and it came over to the car. I actually offered it a ride but it sniffed the interior of the car and started to wander off. Fine. I'd done my good deed and I didn't want to see the dog get hit so I started to drive away. When I looked in the mirror it was back in the middle of the road and now it was following me. I stopped again and again offered it a ride and sort of "helped" it into the car.

The story is long, but anyway, we found the owner but when the lady came to pick up her dog she started crying and said she couldn't take it back home and would just have to leave in the hills someplace so would I take it. I jumped at the chance since Tetsu had already been regretting that we'd found the owner, and the dog became ours!

Choco is completely different from our old dog! She was about 2 years old when I found her and she is very jumpy, doesn't like children, barks a lot, is almost impossible to train! What a handful! She hated our cats but has learned not to attack them when they walk by (except for Lemi. For some reason Choco doesn't like Lemi). This picture was taken when we went to this huge warehouse, housewares store that allows animals if you keep them in the cart. Most of the other customers push around their Pomeranians or Poodles. I don't think they get too many big dogs. Anyway, the store has a nice pet section and I can push Choco in the cart and let her taste samples of the dog treats. I love this picture of her looking subdued in the cart! Subdued she is not!!!


Conni Lu said...

Choco has won your heart. But I believe that you have also won Choco's heart. A wonderful story with a happy ending!

Fiona said...

What a great story - he was obviously meant to be yours.

teodo said...

Great husband love dogs like you, he has always had dogs since he was a child ....and he has photos of them. For seven years we have been linving in an appartament and we don't have dogs because I'm a little scared. He and my daughter are very sad about that. Ciao, ciao.