Thursday, March 15, 2007

A Japanese doll

Tonight Keiko-chan and Hiromi-chan came for English. Keiko-chan was home for spring break from college. Hiromi-chan is getting ready to go away to college at the end of the month. I've known the two of them since they were in kindergarten and one or the other of them has been coming all the way out to Nikko once a week for English since they entered high school. These are the two girls that I'm trying to make the two Wicked Quilts for.

Anyway, Keiko-chan brought pictures tonight so I asked if I could scan a couple and post them on my blog and she said yes. (I didn't give her my blog address because I don't want her to know I'm making her a quilt yet.) She spent a couple of days in Kyoto which is avery traditional city with many of the historical temples and shrines. I haven't been there in years but anyway one of the things that Keiko-chan did was to get dressed up as a maiko. I think foreigners are more accustomed to the word geisha though there is some difference between a maiko and a geisha but I'm not sure what. Keiko-chan was dressed properly in the long kimono with the high waist and the tall wooden clogs. She had her hair put up with a wig fit on top and had the traditional white make-up applied. Certainly not everyday wear unless you work as a maiko, but she looks very nice. Just like a Japanese doll!

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Conni Lu said...

The Japanese doll is so lovely. I've always thought it would be so nice to own one. I think I saw one as a young girl and it caught my eye back then. :D