Sunday, March 11, 2007

A mismatch of pictures

I don't have any continuity to this posting but I have a couple of pictures.

I caught the culprit red-handed! Ah-ha! The mystery of the pincushion thief has been solved! Yesterday morning I found my table side pincushion that I had tightly wedged in the sewing box, on the floor upstairs. Stupid cat! Someone is playing with my pincushions again and I'm loosing pins when they do it! But, as I sat at my computer yesterday, who should carry in my sewing machine pincushion and bat it a couple of times before laying it at my feet!? Patora! So at least I know who, but not why nor how I'm going to get her to stop!

Then this morning, when we let Choco out of her house to go for a walk, she scampered around the room a few times then disappeared into the kitchen to check things out. She didn't come back so I went in to check and found her cowering in the corner with my shopping basket caught around her neck. She'd stuffed her head into one of the handles and then couldn't get back out of it. Looks so guilty and in need of help.

The last picture is of Tetsu's latest project. We rented a DVD last night but couldn't get the DVD player to work. Actually we have two DVD players, one from the States that Keion and Marcy gave us (so we can watch American DVDs) and of course a Japanese one too, but neither worked! So this morning Tetsu has been crawling around behind the TV with the two DVDs in pieces around him trying to get one or both of them to work! He is getting quite hot under the collar and I think it best I stay away from him for awhile!

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