Saturday, March 24, 2007


Buzz? What is she talking about?

Yesterday when I took Choco for a walk I noticed a slight smell of spring in the air. Actually it is only visible by the plum trees that are in bloom not too far from us. But at the plum tree orchard I distinctly heard the sound of spring from all the bees buzzing around the blossoms. I snapped a picture and realized when looking at it now that it even has a little bee on the far left side. Can you find it? (like playing I SPY). As we walked back I could hear bees everywhere so Choco and I went to check out the bee hives in forest behind our house.

Directly behind our house is a large forest and part way into the forest some farmers have set up bee hives and the bees hibernate here during the winter. They will probably soon be moved out and placed in the apple and pear orchards that are in this district. The bees help to naturally pollenate the fruit trees. Anyway, the bees were very active today and Choco and I kept our distance but I did zoom in on them with the camera. Can you see all the bees? That's as close as I'm getting so you'll just have to look hard!


Barbara said...

what a lovely blog! I am just a beginner in blogging and its wonderful to take a journey all around the world. grates from germany Barbara

teodo said...

Hi Tanya, I've never seen hibernated bees during winter time.
Thanks for this photos. ciao ciao and stay far from bees when you take pictures.