Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Sometimes I wonder if I have a commitment deficiency. This may seem strange since I've stayed married for 27 years, many of the things I do I've done for years and years without letup. But when it comes to quilting I find it very hard to write down those goals in the sidebar of my blog. It's like I'm tying a noose around my neck. If I don't put it in writing then I don't really have to do it, but if it's there, I'm committed come hell or high water! What I'm referring to, was that yesterday I left my blog page with the very non-committal comment, "I could do a border of peacock feathers like Tazzie does, but I'm not sure about that..." What I actually meant was, "I am going to do this thing and if it turns out lousy you should know I didn't have my heart in it." Anyway, yesterday afternoon I put the quilt under the needle again and started the borders. And they are great fun! Of course some jigs and jags but all in all quite acceptable and I'm very proud of myself. They add a little fun and flair. I will finish it up today (come hell or high water!) and continue on with the other Wicked quilt which I will quilt the same way! There. Now I'm committed!


Conni Lu said...

Tanya, Your quilting looks like you've been doing it forever - you have a knack for it because it's turning out great! Keep it up!!! You go, girl! :D

Fiona said...

Don't those peacock feathers look gorgeous! I really want to try them next time I quilt a top.