Monday, March 19, 2007


I have just this moment finished the two Wicked Quilts! A little behind the schedule I set on Saturday but they are done! The quilting went fast though maybe I hurried through a bit too much to enjoy the last. Can you tell where one lets off and the other begins? So many similar fabrics it's hard to tell. One has been bound in dark maroon, the other bound in light blue. Maybe the light blue one, the second one, has better quilting. I haven't decided what to put on the labels. Let the girls choose which one they want and then I can make duplicate labels, or decide myself and write each girl's name on the label. What do you think? Does it matter?

I'm going to bake cookies with my third grade class in a few minutes so I'm signing off now. Hope to write more tomorrow. Maybe even get a better picture?


kazuyo said...

すごい すごい すごい !!!!!

Conni Lu said...

Both quilts look great! You get much more quilting accomplished than I do. I should probably spend less time on the computer and more time at the sewing machine! :D