Saturday, March 31, 2007


"A purple sky to close the day....and my soul wells up with Hallelujahs.
O praise Him all His mighty works.
There is no language where You can't be heard.

Your song goes out to all the earth.
Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah!"

Hallelujah sung by Kathy Troccoli

Walking back from Yano-san's yesterday even I was met with this beautiful sunset. I wandered around the rice fields for awhile taking a few pictures and it was hard to decide which was the most beautiful.

Well, March is almost over and I think it was a fairly productive month for me. I finished all my goals. (Yes, I did dosomething on Yano-san's kimono quilt yesterday. I'll post a picture when it gets to the flimsy stage). The two Wicked quilts were bonus projects and so at the end I've been rushing madly. So, let's see...

  • One Prayer and Square flimsy
  • One feathered star block
  • Progress on the bazaar quilt
  • Progress on Yano-san's quilt
  • Two Wicked quilts
For April I'll continue with the Prayer and Square flimsy goal, the feathered star block goal, bazaar quilt and add a completed quilt for Yano-san. I think I can also add do some machine quilting on that Star of David flimsy I've had done since January. That's enough for one month! I'll probably find something else that is intriguing but this is where I'm starting!

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