Monday, March 05, 2007

How Wicked

I'm referring of course to my Wicked Quilt which I got to the flimsy stage yesterday. Yes, it is wickedly easy and it would even be more so if I could get my hands on fat quarters. They don't sell those in Japan. But I managed to make my own by cutting up large pieces of scraps and adding a few smaller ones. That meant I was cutting each fabric one at a time where as you could really cut three or four fat quarters at once and make the whole process go much quicker. Now.... What am I going to do about quilting it? I don't do long arm quilting. (I found Norma on Silver Thimble Blog was doing the same quilt but she said she was going to quilt it long-arm.) and I don't even really do machine quilting at all but I've been wanting to try. The book I have recommends plunging in on a quilt "Make the quilt for a baby, a friend, or an in-law. They will love whatever you do, good or bad, mistakes and all." (Guide to Machine Quilting p.108) But really, we have to be realistic too. I can't just stuff my quilt under the home machine needle and hope that I'll get beautiful feathered wreaths in two days time! But if I do it by hand, I know I'm not going to even attempt feathered wreaths because it would take too long. Dilemmas, dilemmas.

On a different note. I was able to talk with my mom last night and though she sounds better than I'd expected, she wasn't as perky as she usually is. She did admit that she's given up driving which I am very happy about! I know it is hard for her to give up her independence but it just didn't seem smart for her to be driving at 84 when she's in ill health. Not to mention that last month one of our neighbors who was 85, was killed in a car accident just a few miles from his house. His family wishes they'd insisted he stop driving. Anyway, Mom is better, Marcy is better (haven't talked with her) Keion survived the upheaval.

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Conni Lu said...

I was surprised that they don't sell fat quarters in Japan. I wonder why? Seems like a good idea to me.