Friday, March 16, 2007

Kindergarten graduation

Today was Mifumi Kindergarten's graduation. In Japan, kindergarten graduations are quite a big deal and Mifumi's is quite nice. The kids are all dressed up in caps and gowns much like we see at high school and college graduations in the States, and a lot of tears are shed by children, parents and teachers.

The ceremonies were held in the church which is above the kindergarten, and at the front of the church was displayed a banner that Furui-san and I made five or six years ago for the kindergarten. The kindergarten logo is taken from the Bible story of Jesus turning the two fish and five loaves that a child had brought, into an abundance of food. We felt quite proud that again today (and any time there is an entrance or graduation ceremony) it was displayed in a prominent place.


Luna said...

It is interesting to read. The word Kindergarten is the same like in german. The kindergarten banner is very good work.
I read the last Post . The story with your cat is wonderful. You are a little like me. I would have done the same.

Conni Lu said...

Is Mifumi family or friend? I guess I haven't read about Mifumi in a previous post and I didn't go through your archives to find out.