Saturday, March 03, 2007

Lemi, the cat

Not too exciting a day. Tetsu and I cleaned house in the morning. I'm blessed with a husband who doesn't mind cleaning and especially if he wants to do something alone in the afternoon, he is raring to help me out in the morning so that he doesn't feel guilty, I guess. He kept saying "Let me do it. Go sit down. You still have your cold." but it is impossible for me to sit and relax when he is cleaning, so we cleaned in tandem and the house looks pretty good.
Went out for lunch together and then I needed to teach in the afternoon so that means Tetsu was free for the rest of the day. Happy for him, and I still got about an hour of sewing in after my lesson left.

Let's see. What can I tell you today? Here is a picture I took of Lemi. I counted back and realized that Lemi is 12 years old! Wow! I was figuring more like 9. Lemi is the only animal we've ever had that was "chosen". Back when we had our old dog and had lost another cat a year previously, the kids wanted a cat again and we realized we needed a very young kitten so that it would get used to the dog. We found somebody with kittens and brought home Lemi. (Le- for Leiya and Mi- for Takumi). She was so small I could carry her around in my apron pocket and we must have taken her too soon from her mother because she latched on the Shoko (the old dog) and I really mean latched. She would nurse off of the dog and poor Shoko just bore with the situation! As long as Shoko was alive the two were best friends and would always sleep together!

Lemi is a beautiful cat but maybe she's got some flaws in personality since she will hiss and scratch if she isn't in the mood for you. Her nickname around here is "the Queen" and the kids who come for English know to give her wide berth. The other cats too aren't too happy with Lemi and as she gets older and grumpier they pick on her a lot so I try to give her a lot of extra loving. As I mentioned yesterday, Choco doesn't like her much either but I sometimes wonder if Lemi looks at Choco and thinks "that looks an awful lot like my old friend Shoko. Is it the same dog or not?"


anne bebbington said...

She certainly knows how to put on a 'cross face' :o)

Luna said...

I was not here for a long time and I want to see what is new and how are you.
:-)Nice Story, nice cat !!!
The photo with the dog is adorable.