Sunday, March 25, 2007

My sewing room

Yesterday morning I ran errands in Utsunomiya and then hurried home to take Choco for a walk and then get to some sewing. I had plans for putting together another Prayer and Square Quilt but just before going upstairs to the sewing room I got a call from the pastor saying that one of our church members has been diagnosed with cancer and could I get a Prayer and Square Quilt ready to be tied by April 8th. Well, I have been forsighted and already had two flimsys in my drawer so I pulled the green one out and got it sandwiched, pinned, bound and pre-tied by 5:00. It actually took me more time than I thought it would. Once things are in the flimsy stage I figured I could get it all together in two hours but it actually took me 4 to cut binding, sew it on, hand bind it, put on the ties etc. Oh and make a label too. I took it to the church and the pastor wrote the words on the label and I sewed it on while I chatted with him and his wife. Tomorrow prayers will go up for Mr. Tsuchihashi and the quilt will be tied.

So, since you've seen that flimsy before I guess I'll just show pictures of the room I spent my afternoon in. This is Leiya's room and though I've left the bed and stereo there, the rest of the stuff is my stuff. The desk and table are my sewing and cutting areas. The window looks out on the edge of the forest.

The ironing board is a horror. Can you see it sitting on that cabinet next to the desk? That little tiny space and I'm trying to iron quilt backings! Traditionally that little board sits on the floor with pull out metal legs and that's how Japanese women iron. Recently in Japan, we can get longer, stand up ironing boards but they take up so much space standing and knowing me I would never take it down, that, though I've been tempted to buy one, since I iron nothing but patchwork stuff I'm still making due. (As I write this Tetsu is upstairs ironing his slacks for a big meeting he has today. He has never asked me to iron any of his clothing. Maybe he doesn't think I'll do such a neat job. Anyway, I'm not asking for the job!)

My workboard on the wall. The crazy looking quilt on the bed that was made the same time Furui-san (Feb. 14) made hers (and which looks so genteel). A small electric heater that will at least keep my legs warm while I sew. Gospel CD's that I listen to while I sew. My bulletin board with prayer requests on it. Different quilts on the walls and stacked by the bed Anyway, my nice little sewing room.


teodo said...

Wonderful your sewing room. ciao ciao

Conni Lu said...

Tanya, Thank you for the sewing room tour! Youo are very organized and neat. I am usually challenged to keep mine neat because I have too many things in there but don't want to eliminate any. :)
You have a kind heart to work so hard on short notice to make a gift quilt. :)

Luna said...

Oh how wonderful to have a look into your room. It is pretty cleared up and I have desire to begin there to sew.
Thank you for show us !!!
Have a nice day :-)