Thursday, March 01, 2007

Pleading insanity

Am I absolutely crazy!?! Today I spent the afternoon cutting out pieces for another quilt! Why!? Why do I do this to myself!?! I was looking around internet and the title caught my eye "Wicked Easy Quilts--quilts so easy to make, it's almost sinful!" "oh," I thought. "That reminds me. One of my students is graduating from high school. Maybe I'll make her a quilt." La-tee-da like I have nothing better to do! Do I have time to make another quilt? Does the girl even want a quilt? Do I have any idea what colors she likes? How am I going to quilt the thing even if I do get the top pieced? And to prove my loss of sanity, the girl is graduating today! Craziness! craziness! craziness! Nevertheless, the other side of me says, "oh well, you won't know if you can do it or not unless you try. You might as well cut fabric." So that's what I did....

Well. February finished quickly and I barely completed my goals. I spent the last two free hours of yesterday afternoon putting together one more word block. Yeah! I'm going to have to finish up this quilt too since I don't really have any more plans for it. Is that my goal for March? Hmm... I'll think about it tomorrow. (Famous last words from Gone With The Wind)

My automatic goals for March are:
  • March Feathered Star Block
  • Prayer and Square flimsy
  • Progress on the Bazaar quilt (that's a pretty open goal!)
  • Do something on Yano-san's kimono quilt (I'm going to have to reevaluate the way I go about making goals)
Here we come March!

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Conni Lu said...

You're not crazy, you're just like the rest (or at least some) of us! Can't resist a new project, no matter how many WIPs and UFOs exist. Some of your fabrics look familiar. They may exist also in my stash. Happy Stitching! :)