Saturday, March 17, 2007

Sewing again!

Wow! I have put in a marathon sewing day today! It feels good! First of all cleaned the house. Then went to church to do the cleaning there. THEN came home to sew! I did that for about two hours and decided that Choco needed a walk and I needed to get some movement into my day so we went for a long walk. Unfortunately it is still pretty cold and wintery around here so though I took my camera there isn't much to show. Everything is still pretty gray.

Back home I went back to the sewing machine and sewed continually until now. I won't tell you how many hours. I have finished up the inner quilting for the second Wicked Quilt. This evening I will put on the binding and tomorrow will freehand quilt the borders. All that will be left is to make a couple of labels. As expected, the second quilt is turning out nicer than the first. The quilting is better of course. I get in the perfectionist mode and think about ripping out one or two of the freathered wreaths in the first quilt and doing them again. NO! It doesn't have to be perfect. It is made with love and prayers and that is enough!


Conni Lu said...

Tanya, You are a busy person all the time! Quilting - cleaning - going & coming - taking walks. Your machine quilting looks so good and not like you're just beginning. Great job! Have a great weekend. :D

Luna said...

Yes, I think also you are pretty busy with cleaning and sewing and walking. I love your quiltings.
The photo from your walk is interesting for me, so I can imagine where you walk :-)

Norma said...

I think that wreath is just about perfect! Well done! Are you machine quilting? on a domestic sewing machine, or long arm?

teodo said...

I think you had a great and busy day!!!! ciao ciao