Friday, March 09, 2007


What are these? They're called "taiyaki" and are very popular in Japan. Yesterday, Mrs. Yano brought them over for us. They are made on an iron griddle that has been shaped as a fish (I think "tai" means a type of sea bream) and the outer batter is slightly sweet. Inside, they are traditionally filled with sweet bean paste but in recent years some vendors sell them with sweet custard cream inside or even chocolate cream. The ones yesterday were filled with bean paste and custard. I prefer the custard but even the bean paste if very good. Tetsu shuns the custard and will only eat the sweet beans. Actually, Mrs. Yano brought five which is the proper number for gift giving in Japan, but I ate one before I remembered that I wanted to take a picture!

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Conni Lu said...

Tanya, This is such an interesting post. You have a nice friend! I think I would choose the sweet custard cream too over the bean paste.