Saturday, March 31, 2007

Tetsu's mom

This morning we took Tetsu's mother out to breakfast (Denny's again!) and then went shopping at a large homeware center. The saga with Tetsu's mother is a long one and would you believe yesterday afternoon she was asking for someone to call an ambulance. I think she has some panic issues and her mood changes hourly. Tetsu spent the day with her yesterday at the hospital where she was run through various tests. According to him, she was a completely different woman yesterday but the doctor who saw her made one comment and she brightened up considerably. "Your CT scan shows your brain is the brain of a 40 year old and so you are more aware of aches and pains than most people your age." This thrilled her to no end and this morning when I called to find out how she was and asked if she wanted to join us on our outing she said yes! This is our mother who hasn't been out of her house except to go to a doctor in nearly a year. She has refused to leave her home no matter how often we invite her. Today I couldn't believe my ears and so we rushed over to take her out. She looks very happy don't you think? We pushed her around in a wheelchair, but I really think she enjoyed herself. She bought a couple flowers and some slippers and in general was quite bright and cheerful. Tetsu wasn't fond of the shopping but he was overjoyed that his mother was in good spirits.


Lois R. said...

Tanya, Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog the other day.

I love your peacock feathers - gorgeous job! I am jealous of them. I don't have the nerve to try things like that on my quilts. And your feather circles are pretty too! If you love your banner with the feathered quilting, but it is too small, try adding a patch of color in the blank space. It looks great.

teodo said...

Ohh! what a sweet Lady.
ciao ciao