Monday, March 12, 2007

The Wicked Quilt...again

Well, over the weekend I did get the Wicked quilt finished. It is amaturishly machine quilted but I guess since the girl doesn't know quilts from blankets, it will have to do. From a distance it looks quite nice, but up close... It is not going to convince my hand quilting friends of the beauty of machine quilting. I say finished but I could do a border of peacock feathers such as Tazzie quilts does but I'm not sure about that yet or if I have the time since I'm working on my second Wicked quilt now. I got all the blocks made yesterday and today will put on the border. It looks so similar to the first quilt that people aren't going to be able to tell the difference (quite a lot of the same fabrics.) Wednesday I'll be going to the fabric shop again with Furui-san so I'll buy backing then and by Thursday hope to be quilting it too. It needs to be done by the next Thursday. You can see I run things pretty close. Got some advice from Silver Thimbles and I may try to quilt the "stitch in the ditch" lines using the walking foot...

I got to talk with Leiya this weekend and she sounds very happy. She's loving her art class especially and has been introduced to drawing and now photography and even ceramics. Here are a couple of pictures she sent. My budding artist!


Conni Lu said...

Tanya, Your quilting looks terrific. A trip to the quilt shop, that sounds fun! :D
Leiya's artwork is outstanding! I'm amazed at the talent in your family! It's wonderful. :D

Nadine said...

Hi, Tanya ! Hey, my friend, you're to severe with yourself : your machine quilting is GREAT ! BRAVO !

The drawings are amazing and beautiful ! Leiya is very talented !

Smiles !